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Coefficient and Lido Automate Spreadsheets. That’s where similarities end.

Over 350,000 GTM professionals use Coefficient to connect to Google Sheets and Excel for live analytics, reporting, and collaboration. Lido is limited to automated task management.

Discover Firsthand Why Coefficient Is the Best Lido Alternative for Every Business Unit

There is a bit of a learning curve to implement and arrange your data.

Craig N. Global Sales Executive

Sometimes I run into some bugs when using it.Β 

Sam S. Content Manager

If you are not used to Excel formulas and functions, it may take you a second to understand what is needed.

Katie B. Wholesale Account Manager

It seems like a newer product, so there have been a few times I’ve run into issues that were easily fixable, just took some coding adjustment on the back end from them.

Rachel H. Executive Director

Some of the nuances of how to expand formulas/automations didn’t function as I expected.


I felt that the only thing missing was the ability to automate email sends from different users – the collaboration piece here would require significant development work and raises some security issues.

Lishen L. Director, Demand Generation

Very straightforward and has allowed me to seamlessly connect and refresh datasets without touching a thing once it is all set up.

Casey Hammond Home Chef

Wow! What an amazing plugin – it has leveled up our reporting game completely. Highly recommend.

Robin Daultani upfeat

What Coefficient has created is simply superb. From first sight on their website all the way through to installation and first use I have been stunned by how intuitive this tool is. The possibilities seem endless.

Malcolm Cooper Digital Marketer

I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the experience was seamless and efficient. The user-friendly interface of Coefficient made the setup process a breeze.

Rodrigo Alonso Zyla Labs

Importing data is a breeze; it’s the shortcut I never knew I needed. Easy to use, easy on the eyes. What really blows my mind is the analytics part – tons of functions and algorithms. I feel like a data superhero making decisions backed by solid insights.

Sagar K. Turno

I used to spend an hour updating sheets so that others had access to real time data. Coefficient does it all on it’s own even several times a day if I need. Saves me so much time to focus on real issues instead of manually updating sheets.

Ashleigh Kennedy Vroom

Coefficient Outperforms Lido Across Every Review Site

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4 Reasons Coefficient is the Best Lido Alternative

Use Cases

Process Automation: Build custom workflows in a spreadsheet-like environment. Automations are triggered by forms, cell value changes, and recurring messages.Β 

Collaboration: Create alerts with email and Slack. Embed dashboards using iFrames.


Spreadsheet-like environment connects to a limited number ofΒ  databases, data sources, Google Sheets, and Slack.

Customer Support

White glove onboarding is offered for an additional $250. Only Enterprise plans receive dedicated support.


4 plans with a free plan available for one basic automation.

Tiered pricing starts at $19/user/month to Enterprise solutions with advanced features. Custom Data Connectors available for $1,000+.
Use Cases

Live Analytics & Reporting: Instantly connect data sources and utilize a wide array of free dashboard templates for reporting. Keep data fresh with scheduled updates or a single-click refresh.

Collaboration: Share reports across your team at no extra cost. Set up real-time Slack and email alerts to keep everyone informed.


Seamlessly integrate data from popular CRMs, databases, sales automation tools, finance platforms, and more into Excel and Google Sheets.

Customer Support

Dedicated support from CSM for Enterprise. Chat, email, and Help CenterΒ  are available for everyone else.


4 simple tiers, including a Free Plan.Β 

Paid plans range from $49/month toΒ  $99/user/month. Enterprise plan pricing is available on request.

Coefficient Powers Spreadsheets Across Companies of All Sizes

Because syncing live business data to spreadsheets should be simple, reliable, and cost-effective for anyone.

How Mutiny Automated Reporting and Found Peace of Mind with Coefficient

Brian Chalif Head of BizOps
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