Who we are

Coefficient is a VC-backed SaaS startup based in the SF Bay Area. We are a group of smart, driven, curious and collaborative people who are passionate about building a product that spreadsheet users love. We are embarking on a journey to unleash the power and flexibility of spreadsheets across all of the data in company systems. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs whose last startup, Shopular, was backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia and acquired by Rakuten Ebates.

Powering spreadsheets across companies of all sizes

Coefficient is the next step in spreadsheet evolution. It takes a tool everyone is familiar with and combines it with the power of a database. The end result for our data and business teams has been faster, better, and more accurate analysis by everyone – especially those that can’t code!

Evan Cover
BI Manager, Klaviyo

Why we made Coefficient

Coefficient was created out of a need to do more with spreadsheets. We believe that spreadsheets are the future (and the past?) and should be treated like a first class system. Many companies spend countless hours and resources introducing products to get their employees out of spreadsheets. We believe the best path forward is to meet users where they are – in their spreadsheets. Imagine a world where all of your company data is a few clicks away from your spreadsheet – without introducing new products or learning curves. It’s the fastest path to value when the user adoption has already happened across an organization.

Spreadsheet Graphic

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