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Introducing Coefficient AI

Supercharge your spreadsheets with GPT-powered AI tools for connecting data, building reports, and automatically analyzing and visualizing trends in your data

The GPT-powered Spreadsheet Upgrade You Were Waiting For

Google Sheets is now more powerful with Coefficient’s GPT Copilot. GPT Copilot is a productivity workbench using AI tools to automatically connect data, build reports and accelerate data analysis.

Connect your Sheets with Live Data from Your Business Systems

Use text instructions to pull in any business data you need. Sync live data from your systems of record like Salesforce, Shopify, Tableau, and Snowflake.

Couple AI with live business data and build the reports and dashboards you want in the fastest and most flexible way.

Chat with GPT Directly From Your Sheets

Transform sheets into your own GPT workbench with our family of =GPTX() spreadsheet functions.

Easily use powerful formulas for cleaning, formatting, querying, enriching, and analyzing your data, and more. Spreadsheet productivity just got a lot better.

Unleash the Real Power of GPT

Coefficient’s AI Copilot combines live web data with ChatGPT data, bringing historical and real-time data into your sheets.

Unlock GPT use cases across industry news, competitor blogs, market trends, customer reviews, social media analytics, and more.

Auto-Generate Formulas, Pivots, & Charts Using Text

Automatically build powerful formulas, pivot tables and visualizations on any set of data using text instructions. Simply type what you need in English, and GPT Copilot will tag in.

Get Insights From Your Data Faster Than Ever

Leave the heavy lifting to us and spend your time analyzing data.

Coefficient’s GPT Copilot will intelligently analyze any table and create a series of beautiful and insightful charts with the trends that you’ll find most valuable.

Discover the Future of Spreadsheets with Coefficient’s Google Sheets AI Extension

Get early access to Coefficient’s AI tools. We can’t wait to see what you build!