Spreadsheet Gladiator Scholarship

Spreadsheet Gladiator Scholarship is CLOSED

This scholarship is no longer available

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Spreadsheets are most certainly in your future!

Coefficient is dedicated to bringing spreadsheets into the 21st century. It’s an ambitious goal, but the time has come for spreadsheet modernization after 30 years of minimal change. We know you deserve it!

Today, over 2 billion users worldwide leverage spreadsheets in day-to-day tasks, many of those users using spreadsheets in their careers on a daily basis. To recognize those who choose to enter into business, we offer an annual $1,500 scholarship to a college student pursuing a degree in Business, Computer Science, or Communications.

Students will have until 11:59 pm CST on July 31th each year to apply.

How to Apply

Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge

Students will have until 11:59 pm CST on July 31th each year to apply for a Fall scholarship by filling out the form on this page with their submission.

  1. Getting started – Make a copy of this spreadsheet and use the pre-supplied Salesforce CRM data to build a sales dashboard that tracks deals, sales performance and core KPIs in Google Sheets for the mysterious Dr. von Brunswick’s world-renowned chocolate factory.
  2. Application – Applicants will have until 11:59 CST on July 31st to create a sales dashboard in Google Sheets for Dr. von Brunswick. Only the data provided for the challenge can be used. Applicants will be judged on:
    1. Analysis – Depth, accuracy, and sophistication of analysis and formulae
    2. Design – Aesthetic and functional presentation of data and visualizations
    3. Creativity – Novelty of approach, innovation, and unexpectedness
  3. Requirements
    1. Your submission must be one dashboard that fits on one sheet (“tab”) within the Google Sheet file. There is no limit as to the size of the dashboard, but it should be a reasonably standard sized business dashboard. Participants may make use of hidden reference cells, formulas, tables, and pivot tables on other hidden tabs to support the dashboard functions.
    2. The use of Google Apps Script (GAS) or any third party add-ons is not allowed.
    3. Participants are encouraged to make creative use of Google Sheets functionalities including, but not limited to, Data Validations, Advanced Formulas, Conditional Formatting, People Chips, Sparklines, Charts, Pivot Tables, Filter Views, and Slicers.
    4. There are no specific requirements for what tables, charts, and other components to build. Participants should build what they think will make the most useful and impressive-looking summary sales dashboard for Dr. von Brunsick.
  4. Submission – Applicants must Share public View Only access (“Anyone on the internet with this link can view”) to their Google Sheet by 11:59 CST on July 31st. Submit your Google Sheets URL with the form on this page. No edits are allowed after this time.

Scholarship winner – In August of each year, our panel of spreadsheets experts will judge the finalists on the outlined criteria and award the $1,500 undergraduate scholarship to the winner by August 31 for the Fall semester.

For questions, please contact: hannah@coefficient.io.