Spreadsheet Escape Room

Conquer the ultimate Google Sheets escape room. Then, challenge your network to beat your time.

Catch the World’s Most Wanted Man!

The ex-CFO of Vanitas Capital has embezzled over $3 billion dollars. As the top forensic accountant for the FBI’s financial crimes unit, you must unwind the disgraced financier’s trail of deceit.

But as you comb through the ex-CFO’s spreadsheets, you uncover a plot far more sinister. Soon you’re trapped in a criminal mastermind’s elaborate game, a spreadsheet escape room with seemingly no way out.


Participants with the top five fastest times throughout the competition in Q4 2022 won a chance to compete on a livestream competition featuring a leaner, meaner escape room. The winner of the livestream won $2,000!

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Cash Prizes

The winner of the challenge earned $2,000 and eternal bragging rights. Miguel Angel Ruiz and his ninja skills in spreadsheets will remain legendary.

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Code of Honor

Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge #2

Spreadsheet Gladiators adhere to the highest standards of competition. The following are the rules and regulations for the most creative spreadsheet contest of all time.

  1. Duration – The contest will launch on November 10 and run for about 4 weeks. Those with the five fastest times will compete in a livestream competition featuring a new escape room.
  2. Scoreboard – A real-time scoreboard will keep track of all the complete escape room times. When a participant completes the escape room, his or her time will be ranked against the other completion times. However, only the top twenty times will be shown on the scoreboard.
  3. Livestream – Livestream participants will have 45 minutes to complete the new escape room. The livestream ends once three participants complete the new escape room. If only zero, one, or two participants complete the room in this timeframe, a judge assigned by Coefficient will assess who is “farthest along” and award the prize slots that have not yet been filled.
  4. Outside Help – Participants must complete the escape room on their own, without live human assistance. However, participants can references resources not directly related to the escape room. This includes how-to articles about Google Sheets functions, Google search, and any other general educational materials. Participants cannot reference any resources pertaining to the escape room itself including walkthroughs of the escape room, video guides, collaborative forums, and so on.
  5. Cheating – Any participant who violates the integrity of the game will be eliminated from the competition. The definition of “violated” is interpreted by the Coefficient team, and all decisions on infractions are final. Infractions include, but are not limited to, consulting escape room walkthroughs, tinkering with the function of the escape room, playing multiple times, sharing solutions, and manipulating data.