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Thousands of RevOps Pros Sync Live Data into Their Sheets. Here’s Why.

When native reporting just doesn’t cut it or we’re pulling data from multiple sources, we always end up in our spreadsheet. Coefficient’s Google Sheets extension brings live data into your sheets, enabling convenient, uncomplicated analysis on your entire tech stack of data.

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Nix the Copy-Paste

Connect Google Sheets to your company systems, business apps, and organizational data sources with our one-click connectors.

Import data from right within your spreadsheet.

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Blend Data From Multiple Systems Without Landing on Your Data Team’s Backlog

There’s a time and a place for the complexity of expensive BI tools. For a majority of reporting needs, they’re not necessary.

Sync data from multiple systems in Sheets, then blend and harmonize your metrics & KPIs seamlessly to produce insights faster than ever.

Never Pull the Same Report Twice

Set your data imports on refresh schedule, and always work with live data.

Schedule updates hourly, daily, or weekly, or automatically refresh data in a single click. And, trigger data snapshots to preserve historical data.

Enable Next-Level Transparency Without the Extra Cost

Pulling tech stack data and pre-existing native reports into Google Sheets means no more expensive user seats needed for your current tech stack.

When someone needs report visibility, simply use Google Sheets share settings, and share, share away.

Automate Monitoring & Accountability

Trigger Slack and email alerts when cells change values or conditions to notify stakeholders instantly when key data changes.

Plus, automatically deliver daily or weekly digests of changes, so your team can monitor critical reports seamlessly.

Access GPT Right Within Your Spreadsheet

While ChatGPT is limited to historical data, Coefficient enables you to pair GPT functionality with your own live data.

Simply type what you need in English, and GPT Copilot will tag in. Whip up formulas, pivots, picture-perfect visualizations, clean data, and more in seconds.

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350,000+ happy users
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Trusted By Over 20,000 Companies