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Sales Team Leaderboard

Sales Team Leaderboard for Google Sheets

Track your company, team, and individual sales performances with pre-built leaderboards in Google Sheets. Powered by your Salesforce CRM data.

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Drive Performance for Teams and Reps. Keep the Wins Coming.

Coefficient’s Team Leaderboard Template allows you to foster a high-performance sales culture that thrives on winning. Harness pre-built leaderboard dashboards that visualize revenue, opps created, win rate, and other sales goals for individuals and teams across time periods and opportunity types.

Our Team Leaderboard Dashboard boosts performance:

  • For either your teams or individuals, see how they rank across all core business metrics
  • Quickly identify who has the highest win rate, best pipeline creation stats, shortest Opp lifecycles and more
  • When reviewing a team or individual's performance, simply select their name to highlight their ranking on all charts
  • Optional: Track sales activity performance, like meetings booked, emails sent and calls made

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