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What’s included in the Free plan?

The Free plan allows you to import data from any of our available sources into Google Sheets, giving you the ability to eliminate copy-pasting data into Google Sheets. The Free plan does not include automated data refreshes or other automation features available in Coefficient. See the below details outlining the limitations of the Free plan.

Import From One Source

Import data from one source to your Google Sheets on our Free tier. You can choose from any of the available integration options.

Limited Imports by Rows

Each individual import cannot exceed 5,000 rows. You’ll notice this same limitation in our Starter plan. Unlimited rows are available in our Pro and Enterprise plans, starting at $99/mo.

No Scheduled Refreshes

Manual refreshes are required. Automation features such as automated data refreshes and Slack and email alerts require a Paid plan to access.

Refresh Limitations

Others in your organization will not have the ability to refresh your import data. Our Free plan is designed as a personal productivity tool for you to get started using quickly.

Writeback Limitations

Coefficient offers writebacks from Google Sheets to Salesforce and SQL connectors. This functionality is limited to 100 rows per export in our Free plan.

Technical Support

Access support via email (support@coefficient.io) and live chat within the app during business hours. Paid users receive priority support. Users are also welcome to reference our Help Center to find answers to FAQs and learn more about Coefficient.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to sales@coefficient.io.

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